Many people live each day without stopping to ask themselves a really fundamental question - why do you do what you do? Every day is a day spent that will never come back or be re-lived. Why did you do what you did in that day? Andrew looks at the heart of Exchange but shows how that is actually God's heart for the world. His heart for all people to encounter grace, experience His love and see every promise of God come to be what we live. Prosperity, blessing, goodness, wholeness, health and so much more. Lessons from the story of Isaac bring these questions to life and give us clear encouragements and strategies for living in the goodness of God. You will be equipped and blessed

Part 1 - 08.09.13 - What's your life's biggest question?

Andrew kicks off this new series by asking us all a really important question. Maybe in fact the most important question. Why? Why do we do what we do? This is a community of Grace and that defines us, gives us focus and our direction. But Why do you do what you do every day? This is a thought provoking talk that searches the heart of the listener to get before God to ask Him to search our hearts and discover why we do what we do. Have you ever stopped long enough to ask yourself that question? This talk will help you find focus and help you to stop living your life round in circles.

Part 2 - 15.09.13 - Sowing in a time of famine

Andrew looks at the story of Isaac and provides an incredible challenge that will bring awesome freedom to those who will hear it. The size of the harvest that you will see in your life depends on what you will be prepared to sow. Many people have heard that truth and it appears to be anti-grace. It sounds a lot like works and legalism. But in the story of Isaac we see that even if you are experiencing a lack of fruitfulness, if it feels like you are not making it through financially, spiritually, relationally or in any way, then because of Grace this is a time to sow what you have. You may feel you have nothing to sow but Andrew shows how those who sow into grace will see a return in their lives that only God can bring. This is a life changing word. 

Part 3 - 22.09.13 - Wide open spaces (Never give up)

Andrew continues in the story of Isaac - When you sow and start to see God blessing your life then you can be certain that the enemy will try and destroy what God is doing in your life. Many people don't know how to read their circumstances properly and so they do not know how to deal with the strife that can surround a place of blessing so we blame God, blame others or give up. We must never, never, never give up. God promises wide open spaces of blessing for those who learn how to persevere. Isaacs story of the 3 wells gives a super clear, practical, 21st century relevant strategy for dealing with opposition in your life. 



Part 4 - 22.09.13 - Living with purpose 

Living with purpose is vital if we are to become all that we are called to be as men & women of God. Drawing on her own experience Helen Mills speaks honestly about what it means to be a man & woman of purpose. God has huge plans for your life and when we understand that those are fulfilled when we live purposefully, then things begin to change in us & around us. This is a hugely encouraging talk.