Does God protect His people today like He did in the days of old? Do you feel nervous every time your kids leave the house or you husband or wife leaves in the car or on a trip? What does God have to say about that? Psalm 91 is a covenant prayer that is written to show us how God protects His people today. In it there are some brilliant encouragements that help us to get beyond fear and live in peace.

10.01.16 - a different spirit

Today is in 2 parts with Adam & Hannah Cree sharing about how they worked through the challenges of the last year in church and family to seeing restoration and God's love in their lives. Inspirational for anyone who has ever struggled in either area! Then Andrew talks about why when you are under grace it is the only way to inherit the promises of God. Why? It is a different spirit and looking at the story of Joshua & Caleb we see that it has always been that way. Grace supplies and the alternative is wilderness living. A fantastic way to start the year!

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06.12.15 - You have to Rest to Possess

How do you possess what God has for you? When we live with our hearts grounded in grace and unmerited favour God shows us that we only have to rest to possess. Using the story of Joshua crossing over into the promised land Andrew explains that when God has promised it to you it does not matter how impossible it looks to you right now - He has delivered you. You will only have to rest. Does it seem too good to be true? Not at all. Listen and find out why..

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24.1.16 - Grace is the root of Thankfulness

We know we should be thankful. It is an important thing to remember what God has done and be thankful. Do you feel like you SHOULD be thankful rather than thankfulness flowing from you? Thankfulness always comes before multiplication and blessing and in this talk Andrew looks at how our experience of grace is the only root that will have us flow in thankfulness to God. Looking at the story of Joshua at the crossing of the Jordan God shows the people how his grace is that starting point. No longer "should be", but gratefulness flowing from you!

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31.01.16 - Breakthrough & deliverance by grace

We each have our Jericho that stands in the way of our ability to possess our possessions in Christ; virtual strongholds that impede our spiritual progress. It may be a weakness in our character, a physical infirmity, it may be indifference to spiritual things in general or to a specific area we are neglecting. It could be materialism or some life-dominating pattern. It may be a difficulty at one’s place of work, in the home, with a particular personality, or it may be a financial burden. Regardless of the nature of our Jericho, we must realise victory always comes through God’s plan of deliverance GRACE—never ours. Learn to day how grace brings breakthrough to every area of your life!

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07.02.16 - face it again in grace 

God leads you from Glory to Glory - whatever stage you are at the heart of God is to lead you into more. What happens though when we have something in our lives that we have never been able to overcome? God wants to show you the pattern of how to possess all that He has for you. After Jericho falls the next battle is Ai - Joshua and the people learn an important lesson - God shows them to face what defeated them again - but this time face it in grace. The result is victory. Be encouraged and hear God say to you that what you have been unable to overcome so far will fall when you face it in grace.

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