“The righteousness from God that depends on faith… Phil 3:9

Believing you are righteous is a choice

I remember when I became a Dad for the first time. It took it a long while to sink in. We waited a good number of years for our first child and so I had gotten used to living & thinking as a man without kids. In fact, I forgot to book our son a flight for our first family holiday after he was born. That was an awkward moment explaining it to my wife.

Sometimes we have lived so long with patterns and thoughts that it becomes a part of us. We fail in an area and therefore it reinforces our belief that we will never be different. Negative thinking leading to negative patterns of behaviour can be a hard cycle to break.

It’s easy to think of ourselves as not good enough but God declares you completely acceptable today. That is what righteous means. Nothing in you or about you is sub-standard. When He saved you he transformed you completely into a person that He loves completely. Your choice is to believe that today. If you do then you will soon find that your behaviour begins to reflect who you truly think you are. Don’t let your failure define you - He says you are totally acceptable to Him!