"...consider how great are the things He has done for you." 1Samuel 12:24b

Photo albums have fallen out of fashion now that we all use our smartphones to take pictures all the time.  Social media has become the place where we share our memories with others.  It’s a transient medium, however, where it’s easy to delete an image from our phone and it’s gone forever, it’s so much harder to tear up a photograph. Old photos shared together can be a special pleasure and evoke wonderful memories.

Throughout the Bible we are reminded to remember.  I keep a sporadic journal where I jot down verses, thoughts and experiences of God’s presence in my life that I use to encourage myself when times are a bit tough.  Meeting with fellow believers to talk and share is also incredibly helpful.

With our smartphone we can ‘back up’ our memories onto SD cards, the cloud or our computer’s hard drive confident we can access them over and over again. Take time today to remind yourself of those great things God has done for you and I can promise that you’ll be encouraged, blessed and re-energised.