18.09.16 - Breathe - Psalm 23

Today, be still and find rest, don't occupy your time with trying to sort it all out. Let the perfect shepherd for your life that is Jesus, lead you unto the perfect path for you. Be blessed by this talk and know that it's God's desire for your life that you live in rest.


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25.09.16 - BREATHE - PSALM 23 - part 2

Do you need someone to protect you, look after you and bring you hope today? In Psalm 23 we see God do all that and more! As we explore this Psalm further, we see what it looks like to be marked as child of God and how Jesus our Shepherd takes care of us. This talk will help you see how much the Father loves you and how powerful a role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives.

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02.10.16 - BREATHE - PSALM 23 - PART 3

What are the challenges that you are facing right now? Sickness? Fear? Money problems? Relationship issues? Jesus is the answer for whatever you need. In psalm 23 we see that God has made provision right in the middle of circumstances. What is it though and how do you benefit from it? Today Andrew shows us Jesus concealed in Psalm 23 and encourages you that when we see what David was talking about we will be lifted and encouraged!


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09.10.16 - BREATHE - PSALM 23 - PART 4

How do you get your thoughts under control? We know that what we think and believe has a huge impact on what our life looks like. In fact the bible tells us that our very lives take the course of what we think on. All of us struggle in some part here but there is freedom and transformation through the gospel of grace. In Psalm 23 we read that the Lord anoints us with oil. This is a beautiful picture of Jesus himself and you can discover how to experience freedom and life through Jesus as your anointing oil.


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16.10.16 - BREATHE - PSALM 23 - PART 5

Do you need healing in your body today? In our study this week, Andrew reveals how Jesus is the anointing oil for your body! Do not believe the lie that God doesn't want to heal you. We find by revealing the truth found in Psalm 23, it's God's desire to heal and restore us. Be blessed by this talk and remember God always loves you.


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23.10.16 - BREATHE - PSALM 23 - PART 6