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Knowing Jesus means we should enjoy all of His benefits. There are so many promises on the bible that tell us about the quality of life that we can live in through Jesus - not just outside but also on the inside. This is described as fruit. The result of seed in us. So many of us only ever live in a shadow of what the bible says. So how does this fruit appear in us? What do we do? What happens if we do not see fruit… does that mean that God is upset with us? This series is from the gospel of John and will really help you to understand how to stay connected to Jesus.


Connected - part 1 - Fruit comes from connection not work

Hearing about God’s grace and unmerited favour is amazing. It can also be incredibly frustrating when we do not see all the fruit we want see. Is there something wrong with you? No! Jesus tells us that staying connected to Him will produce fruit in us- He brings the fruit in us as we rest in Him. Be encouraged and see His heart to prosper you.

Connected part 2 - ouch! - Does God cut me?

Hearing about God’s grace and unmerited favour is amazing. Do you think that God will hurt you to bless you? Why does Jesus talk about cutting and pruning to make you fruitful? This week Andrew continues to reveal how staying connected to Jesus will enable you to receive grace upon grace, to be prosperous and to produce fruit!

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Connected - part 3 - God does process not delay

What happens when you hear that God wants you to bear good fruit in your life but you are struggling to see it happen? Does God delay or does He does process, and what difference does it make to you? Andrew looks at a story where it looks like Jesus really let people close to Him down but grace see's that He was in fact setting them up for greater glory! If you're waiting now this is for you

Partner in the mission of grace!

Connected - part 4 - Jesus shows us how to bear fruit -(John 17)

Penny continues with the connected series looking at John 17- Jesus’ prayer to his Father. She encourages us to meditate on this incredible passage and the way in which Jesus models out his absolute trust and confidence in His Father and his total commitment to do His will. We get a glimpse of the love and intimacy they share and realise that this is the relationship that Jesus wants to draw us into.

“And this is eternal life that they may know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17v3

Connected - part 5 - WHILE I WAIT

If you ever feel like you have missed it then this is a talk for you. We sometimes think that because of our own mistakes, others or circumstances that we won’t see God’s goodness in our lives. Andrew looks at a story where Jesus shows us that we do not need to worry - He is Lord over everything that is natural - including time- and He will bring about good fruit in your life even when it is impossible naturally.