What are you giving your life for? What is it that drives you each day to get out of bed and get you motivated for life? Many people are giving their lives, time and money for ideas and projects that will not last of have any lasting impact. You however have the chance to be part of something that is changing history and will shape eternity for millions of people. That is significance in the truest sense. The church today is under attack – including from people who call themselves christians. The word is clear though – the church matters – to God, to you, to the world. You might need to leave some past disappointments aside to learn again the incredible power of you and Gods family – the church. That is where you belong.

Week 1 - What you might think this IS important 08.05.11

Week 2 - You were built to belong to God's family  15.05.11

Week 3 - Why you won't make it without fellowship  22.05.11  

Week 4 - Communion is powerful  29.05.11

Week 5 - The real point of gifts  05.06.11

Week 6 - Giving is good for you  12.06.11

Week 7 - What is ministry all about?  19.06.11

Week 8 - Leadership that builds people  26.06.11