In this new series, Pastor Andrew will be exploring the book of Galatians and the big theme of this book is that Jesus died to free us from bondage! What a message! And there is only this message! If we say nothing else, that Jesus has set us free from bondage is enough to change this world - free from temptation, depression, guilt, shame, sickness and every other type of bondage! We hope you enjoy this message - whoever the Son has set free is free indeed!

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This week, Pastor Andrew takes us into the second part of our series in Galatians on ego, and all the ways it can block our relationship with Jesus What grace says about you is true - the law exists to condemn and it will show us our shortcomings. The grace of Jesus shows us that we are righteous in the sight of God. Because of Jesus, we no longer need to try to earn our way - it has all been done for us! Paul speaks about the ego as a condition of the heart, when we look at our own lives, when we put ourselves first, we can see how this plays out. It is crucial to know that whe we put ourselves first (instead of Jesus) we put ourselves back under slavery - but Christ has set us free! Ego, alongside money, music, sports, TV, relationships and anything else that takes the place of Christ needs to be crucified in our lives, because in Jesus we are free!

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In week three of our Cornerstone series, Pastor Andrew shows us how our problem is not God, Jesus or the completed work of the cross, our problem is that we get in the way of believing that Jesus accomplished all that he said he did. Paul reminds us in Galatians, that if we are not focused on Jesus - who he is and what he did, then we believe in another Gospel. If we have a gospel that adds to the finished work of the Gospel, then we believe that Jesus' work did not fully achieve what he set out to. How foolish! Thank God that we don't need circumcision, or any type of work to add to the salvation and grace that Jesus offers freely to us. Jesus did not die to restrict us, but to set us fully free from every type of chain, restriction and bond! Praise God that whoever the Son has set free, is free indeed!

Every good thing that is Jesus' is yours right now. And not because of anything that you have done. So what do you need? Paul in Galatians 4 uses 2 analogies to help us to understand why we live in freedom and not law. He tells us again and again that you are not a slave you are a son. Listen and find out what that means for you today.

"It was for freedom that Christ has set us free..." Is that your experience? In the last of this series Andrew looks at what Paul describes as being truly free. It goes deep and all of life flows from there. This is more than just good circumstances but a freedom from every restriction of sin. That is what Jesus sets us free for. Be encouraged!