What is Honour and why is it important to you? Honour is more than just theology. It seems like a totally out of date concept. It is more than an idea. It is a key to unlocking the heavens blessing in your life. We are called to be men and women of Honour and to create communities and churches where Honour is the culture so that the fullness of heaven is unleashed in our lives and into this world. To live without Honour means that we will forfeit the fullness of Gods blessing in our lives. It is vital that we understand what it means to be people of Honour. Today many of us are robbing ourselves and others through a lack of understanding of what it means to be people of Honour.This series started on 27.01.13


Week 1 -  27.01.13    Why Honour? 

Week 2 - 03.02.13  The reward for Honour 

Week 3 - 10.02.13  God honours you

Week 4 - 17.02.13  Don't be afraid of sin

Week 5 - 24.02.13  Honour Multiplication  

Week 6 - 17.03.13  The Power Of Covenant

Week 7 - 24.03.13  Gods covenant with you