One of the truths about life is that even though many people start out on a journey of serving God and wanting to make a difference, the fact is very few make it. Why? Why do so many of us live a "churchy" life but do not fulfil our potential? Our focus and attention, through circumstances and life causes many of us to get some way through the journey then we look down and lose perspective. We are currently looking at what we need to be people and a church who do not quit. The world needs to know about the amazing grace & love of Jesus Christ and we need to develop a clear sense of what we will do so that we do not get 1/2 way through the calling of God and then miss it.

Incredible applications for your own personal life will help you understand at times why you want to give up. This series will leave you encouraged, envisioned and better prepared to win life's battles! This series started on 28.04.13

Week 1 - 28.04.13 Whatever you do Don't look down!

What do you do when you have a promise that God has spoken into your life but you have not yet see it come to pass? Many of us start on a journey of believing God and then whether through circumstances, doubt or fear we take our eyes of the promise that God spoke and we look down. The word tells us that if God started a process in our lives He will see it through to completion. This talk will help and encourage you for whatever is going on in your life right now to keep believing and keep going on because God is with you!

You will be encouraged and blessed by this talk - whatever your days look like now Jesus is here to encourage you to keep looking up!

Week 2 - 05.05.13  Look up & Look Out!

How do you deal with the difficult days? In life the key to persevering through is to not look down but keep our eyes on the fact that if God started something in our lives then He will see it through.

But what about the days when it is tough? Andrew speaks today from Matthew 28 and shows how Jesus deals with us when things look dark. It may not look like what you think but His way is always to encourage and show us how to keep running the race.

Week 3 - 12.05.13 -  Keep looking forward

What dreams has God put in your heart? More importantly - how are you going to see those come to pass? God does not want you to miss a single good things that he has for you. In fact He wants to help you walk right into the fulness and goodness of every promise that He has spoken over your life. Finding Gods will and walking in it can seem like a daunting task. Andrew speaks from the story of Elijah this week and encourages us with how simple walking into our dreams can actually be - This talk will help you to see Gods promises come to pass in your life!

Week 4 - 19.05.13 - Look to Bless


The kingdom of God is so often upside down - Gods approach in our lives is different to the way that we would do things. Here is a truth that will change your life - to see fullness in your life and to be blessed God says to always look to pour into other people. We know that and we hear it - so why do we not live it? The truth is that along our journeys there will an increasing focus on others - that is what happened with Elijah and the truths of how God dealt with Him will realy help you to see how you can learn to be free from self and live in more peace, joy and fulfillment


Week 5 - 26.05.13 - Live Expectantly

Are you limiting God? Many of us on our journey do not see much because we do not expect much. God wants us to to not just daydream, but to allow Him to bring about God sized dreams in our lives. This week Andrew looks at the amazing story of Elijah at Mt Carmel - an amazing pcture of Gods power for sure but also ana amazing picture of God's grace - When we flow in grace we will find ourselves seeing God move in fantastic ways in our lives - changing us and impacting the world around us.


Week 6 - 02.06.13 - You will have what you speak


It is amazing how many people, even Christians talk trash and then wonder why their lives are not growing in fullness with God. Our words are powerful - so powerful in fact that they have the power to create life or death. If that sounds fanciful to you then this talk will help you to see how often we work against the power & promises of God in our lives by what comes out of our mouths. On the journey of your life one thing is certain - you will have what you speak. This talk will help you to realise the incredible power of a spoken blessing and the differenc ethat will make in your life.


Week 7 - 09.06.13 - Burn the ploughs - Letting go of the past

Here is a simple truth - it will be impossible to move forward in your life if you are tethered to the unhelpful parts of your history. Many people allow past failure, past shame, past experiences, past relationships to hold them today and therefore rob them of tomorrow. In the story of Elisha we see a simple principle that will allow you to be free of yesterday and move into increasing fullness in every area of your life - that is Burn the Ploughs.


Week 8 - 16.06.13 - Don't let your dreams die

Last week in the Don't look down series. Most people die and never see their dreams become real. The dream that God has called you for is eternally significant. It matters to you and to countless others that that dream does not die. Andrew compares 2 incidents in the lives of Moses and Joshua and shows us keys points to be aware of to ensure that you do not miss out on Gods best for your life. Inspiring and encouraging.