In this series we look at grace – not as a theological concept because that is not what it is – grace is a person and His name is Jesus. Whenever you encounter the presence and the power of God, the love and the grace of God, you will be changed. Attitudes, habits, behaviours, fears & worry will go by encountering the power of Jesus will bring about increasing freedom in your life. We take incredible truths from the Apostle Paul’s masterpiece of grace, the epistle to the Romans, & grounding that in the stories we read about men and women who encountered Jesus. Seeing grace in action will encourage you that you too can be transformed by His incredible love. This series started on 18.03.12

Week 1  -  The true power of the gospel

Week 2 - The way of love - Nicodemus

Week 3 - The Centurion

Week 4 - The face of Grace

Week 5 - Grace changes your name

Week 6 - Grace is your confidence

Week 7 - Grace frees you from sin

Week 8 - Free from sin

Week 9 - Free from condemnation

Week 10 - Grace frees from fear

Week 11 - Grace brings rest