• Exchange Church Belfast (map)
  • 179/187 Albertbridge Road
  • Belfast, BT54 PS
  • N Ireland

We are running two week's training in GarageBand for anyone interested at 6.30 - 7.30 for the next two Thursday nights in Worship School. 

This is a program that usually comes with Mac Books and IMacs. 

Ben, who is a genius will be taking it with me in the wings. GarageBand is great in itself with what it can do, but this training will hopefully lead on to much more complicated training in Logic Pro next year. 

Please bring along anyone interested even if they don't own a Mac.It's an opportunity to bring along friends that don't go to church! We will be using the big screen in the church to demonstrate. 

We will be showing you your way around GarageBand and showing you what you can do with the program. You don't have to be a musician to use this program. Ben will also be showing us what else GarageBand can be used for apart from music stuff!