• Exchange Church Belfast (map)
  • 179/187 Albertbridge Road
  • Belfast BT54 PS
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Prophecy is not scary or weird. Its purpose is to build you up, encourage you and reveal Gods heart of love to you. In fact our whole life was designed to be lived "naturally supernatural" If you are new to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, have no experience so far, are scared or confused about what the whole deal is then this is a night for you.  Also if you want to be released into the prophetic gifting then this will also be a significant night.

In a calm environment lets learn how to listen to God and encourage one another with words that are on Gods heart for you, your family, your friends and those who you meet each day.

These nights will raise your experience, your expectation, your faith and your excitement about God.  

The night is open to all so bring along some friends - it will be a night of refreshment!