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This morning we have Marcel Gaasenbeek speaking, Marcel Gaasenbeek is the leader of JongenVrij, a megachurch in one of the most secular areas of the world, where most of the population has no religious affiliation and where Muslims outnumber Evangelical Christians.  

Gaasenbeek, a former DJ and entrepreneur, became a Christian in his early twenties, and began to plant youth churches all over the Netherlands. Yet the ministry was never really satisfying, until in 2005 when Marcel went to meet Joseph Prince in Singapore (at the time, an unknown Pastor of New Creation Church) and was impacted by the Gospel of Grace

Later that same year Joseph Prince came to the Netherlands for a conference hosted by Marcel. During this conference, the Gospel of Grace so transformed Marcel that the following year he accepted the role of Lead Pastor of then a small church, JongenVrij, in rural Netherlands.

Under the effective leadership of Pastor Marcel, the church grew quickly, and is now meeting in seven different locations in Amsterdam and other area of the Netherlands, with an attendance of up to 2000 people every Sunday.       

Pastor Marcel attributes the success of the ministry to the message of grace and the personal mentorship of Pastor Prince.  As Marcel says, “People’s lives are transformed when they are set free from condemnation, guilt, fear and shame.”

Pastor Marcel is an exceptional communicator and teacher that helps believers experience the love of the Father, and develop an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is also a gifted apostolic leader with the passion and the experience to develop strong leaders in grace that effectively will impact their neighbourhood, nation and the world.