Part 1

1.2God’s Righteousness, the stability in our lives

1.3Not my works, but His works

1.4God’s love for us, the power in our lives

1.5The Gospel is God’s power for complete salvation  

1.6Let God build quietly, take time to grow.

Part 2

2.1  Jesus, the image of God

2.2  Jesus, Saviour of the world

2.3  Jesus, as High Priest and King

2.4  Jesus is God

2.5  Jesus now on earth 

Part 3

3.2  The cross as proof of unconditional love

3.3  Jesus’ condition, before and at the cross

3.4  The devil defeated by the cross; freed from the curse

3.5  By the cross we have become heirs of the same promise 

Part 4

Who are we? (identity)

4.2  Where are we? (position)

4.3  What are we? (tasks)

4.4  Our observation, our emotions, and our feelings 


Part 7

7.2  Gods reasons for providing richly

7.3  Money and possession as first learning area

7.4  The difference between “earthly” prosperity and “spiritual” prosperity

7.5  Generatingfinancialprosperity

7.6  What is tithing and why do we do it?

7.7  Tips and pearls of wisdom 

Part 10

10.2  Gods heart for the church

10.3  Jesus, head of the church

10.4  The believers, the body connected to the head

10.5  The gathering of the church

10.6  Leading and building the church

10.7  Sacraments for the church

10.8  The church, the difference in the world 

Part 5

5.2  The reliability of the Bible

5.2  God’s Spirit explains God’s word

5.3  Distinguishing the covenants

5.4  What does the Bible mean to our lives

5.5  Praying and speaking in line with God’s word 

Part 8

8.2  Health is part of the Gospel

8.3  Jesus’ compassion for - sick - people

8.4  Convince your soul

8.5  Receive by faith

8.6  Help to receive health

8.7  Walking in health 

Part 6

6.2  Emotions and feelings

6.3  Our heart determines the quality of life

6.4  Our mind is the battlefield

6.5  Believing is knowing the truth and holding on to it

6.6  Dealing with the biggest lie of all 

Part 9

9.2  When do you receive the Holy Spirit

9.3  The Spirit of truth: being a child of God

9.4  What does the Holy Spirit do?

9.5  The guidance of the Holy Spirit

9.6  Become full of the Holy Spirit