Whenever you rest, God works. If you work then God rests.  The covenant of grace is about living in a way that it receiving what Jesus has done for us. Many of us hear the message for grace but was is it like to actually build a church and a life around grace & rest? This is about good foundations in your life that will position you to live in the blessing & favour of God

22.05.16 - Build your life in grace

When you rest God works. If you work then God rests. Christians and non christians alike live life with the burden of results on their shoulders. In the covenant of Grace we are not lazy but rather the we learn how allow the Holy Spirit direct our activity. We can be busy but with a sense of purpose, joy and lightness rather than stress. This is a talk primarily about the future of Exchange Church and what the Lord has been saying to us but the application from the book of Nehemiah will inspire you to rest in the grace of Jesus!

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22.05.16 - Grace builds the house - part 2

It's so important to know the times that you live in. God never changes - He is always loving and gracious. Our behaviour will never alter that. How can you be confident that you can expect to see His favour & blessing multiplied in your life now? Because as well as a God who never changes we are in a prophetic time where the truths of grace are being revealed as a blessing to the church & the world. This is a generation of grace. Andrew lays out from the story of Benjamin that we are in a time of grace and how that can impact you.

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29.05.16 - grace builds the house - part 3

When you rest God goes to work, if you work then God rests. We are looking at what it means not just to listen to the message of grace but how do you build your life around grace? What are the foundations for us as a church family? Last week Phil Glasgow and Gary Thompson talked about the first two pillars of the church, this week Paul Jordan & John Wasson who are also members of the Board of Exchange will look at the last two pillars and will explain WHY these foundations are so important. Daily Feeding and Life Groups - 2 great foundations to finish with. This will encourage you and help you to see how you too can build your life around grace in a very practical way.

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