Do you sometimes find it difficult to receive from God or feel condemned thinking you don’t deserve His blessings? In this powerful series, Andrew shows how God has Grace for our weaknesses and holds nothing back from us. Gods desire is to see us receive all He has accomplished for us and we have been given all the tools through Gods love to walk in victory in every area of our lives. Be blessed.


Part 1 - Grace to believe - From disappointment to faith

How do you get vision for the New Year and faith to believe for your God given call? Last year the Lord spoke to us from Twisted About clearing the way so that fresh hope can come to us and transform our hearts. In this talk Andrew looks at another part of growing in faith - how grace heals you from disappointment and builds faith by connecting you to the more than 7700 promises of God written over your life. Showers of blessing for you in 2019


Part 2 - Grace to believe - Latter rain

Rain in the bible always speaks of blessing. Many of us find it hard to believe for the future because we hold on to the past. That’s why grace matters. Before the torrent of blessings that God has for us He first send us rain (grace) to prepare our hearts - to free us, heal us and redeem us. Prepare yourself for blessing in 2019!

Partner in the mission of Grace

PArt 3 - Grace to Believe - Vision - Giants Will Fall 2019

"God is speaking to us that 2019 is a year when the blessing of God will cause giants in your life to fall. Too many of us have lived under the shadow of a Goliath - life may go on, but it is way short of the promises that we receive through the grace of Jesus. Receive this word for 2019 and believe that you will see your giants fall."

Partner in the mission of grace!

Grace to Believe - Part 4 - His Delight,Our Destiny

God wants us to thrive, to live fruitful, purposeful and fulfilling lives connected to Him the source of all things. Today we live in a world crippled by anxiety and fear; daily messages, images and interactions seek to shape how we view ourselves and the world around us. Phil reminds us in this week's message that viewing any situation outside the perspective of God is to live in a world of random connections without purpose or meaning. As His children, God delights in us and wants us to be free from fear and anxiety so that we can enter the destiny He has designed for us.

Grace to believe - Part 5 - What do you see

2019 is a year where you will see the goodness and favour of God in areas that have been stuck. That requires faith - not in you and what you are going to do to see change but faith in what Jesus has already provided by grace.

Jesus asks you the question - What do you see? God has given you the ability to picture and see what His favour looks like in changed around situations - what does it look like to be healed in your head? Restored? Andrew talks about faith comes and grows as we see through the lens of grace. This season is one of the promise of God's blessings pouring down like rain!

Grace to Believe - Part 6 - "Say what you see"

Ever been disappointed that despite saying words you did not yet see it happen? Allow the Lord to show us what His grace does in any situation then say it out loud. That is the difference. He will show you in your heart a revelation of transformation and then you declare it with your words. What do you want to see grace do? Imagine it and declare it!