There are many things in life that can hinder us living in the blessing that God promised us and robbing us of our joy. Yet in his word there are wonderful stories when people carrying their burdens had an encounter with Jesus and his amazing love and grace. No matter what the issue is, Jesus is the answer to the questions and difficulties we face. Be encouraged by these uplifting talks.


grace stories - part 1 - when your mess meets his grace

Grace from Jesus is absolutely outrageous. What happens when your mess meets His grace? There is a way out of your bad habits, cycles of defeat, secret vices. We think that our mess and sin is something that makes Jesus loves us less. In fact in this story we see that whilst Jesus never condones sin in us, He never condemns us for it either . This is the way to real freedom.


grace stories - part 2 - you are not what they say

What happens when your mess meets His grace? We tend to label ourselves and take on the labels that others give us - usually based on what we do or when we mess up. When we do that they have power over us and we tend to live up to the labels we take on. When Jesus met a normal working man he showed us what it means to take on a new set of labels that describe not our shortcomings, but the view that Jesus has. And what does He see? Listen and let you tomorrow be shaped by this truth

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grace stories - part 3 - when grace meets fear

What are you afraid of? There's stuff in all of us that worries us and causes pressure & stress. What happens when grace meets your stress? This will really help you - to thrive and do well in a world that is full of pressure! Fear will only ever rob you of what Jesus promised you. It's not about mustering up something in yourself but about seeing Jesus in a whole new way

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grace stories - part 4 -what happens when grace meets your sickness ?

Lots of people struggle with physical and mental issues. When we are sick it robs us of the chance to enjoy the rest of our lives. Grace is unmerited favour - we do not deserve Gods kindness in and of ourselves but because of Jesus we are able to walk in wholeness. That is God’s best for you. If you need encouragement and faith then this will lift you

Grace stories - part 5 - when grace meets law

“Nicodemus came to Jesus looking for answers under the cover of night. He had built his life on a system where security, identity and purpose was found in the ability to adhere to a set of rules and accepted norms. In this week’s talk Phil parallels religious performance with a new brand of legalism that suggests we find hope and life in a different set of accepted norms.

There is so much to learn as we look at Jesus’ response to Nicodemus. Rather than dealing with what we do, He goes straight to who we are and shows us that we can only find hope in a new life that has its starting point in a God who loves us deeply.

This talk will inform and challenge how you view legalism and encourage you to see yourself as God sees you - deeply loved.”

Grace stories - part 6 - when grace meets self

Jesus is the one with the authority to work in your life. Grace meets you at the end of your 'self'. It's not about your work or your ability - it never was. Jesus chose you out of his love and kindness. Receive Him by faith and see your breakthrough. Allow Jesus to say the word over your situation.

grace stories - part 7 - in him all things hold together

In a world of turmoil and uncertainty Penny looks at the unshakeable hope we have in our Lord Jesus. She exhorts us to draw again from Jesus our source “ the light of the world” and encourages us that Christ in us is the hope of glory for the world around us. We have a contagious love and we will experience life in all of its fullness when we lay down our our lives for the sake of others.