We often feel like we need more of God in our lives. But the truth is we do not need Him to do more. The work of Jesus is finished & perfect. What Jesus did for us is not lacking in any way. The real truth is learning how to stop limiting God in our lives. This series looks at the man Gideon. A really unlikely hero. In his life we see how Grace operates and how we can isolate the areas in our lives where we place limitations on God. If we can remove those then we will see God do the amazing things He wants to do in our lives.


You have to give to God. And when you do, He gives back to you. Ever been taught that? How does that kind of thinking fit in with grace? Does God withhold from me if I do not give? If God's favour is unearned then why do we have to give? Why is it important and how can I learn the principles of grace in giving? Jesus spoke more about money & possessions than any other subject. The reason is simple & yet profound. He wants more for your life than money, but money and how we handle it can either promote us or stop us. And all of that fits perfectly with grace. Learn some profound, liberating truths in this series and see new levels of breakthrough in your finances and more

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04.01.15 PART 1 - TAKING THE LIMITS OFF GOD - You are who God says you are

When did you last feel or say "God I need more of you in my life!"? Most of us feel that regularly. The truth is we need more of God but we do not need Him to do any more for us. God is ready, willing & able to do "immeasurably more" than we could ever imagine - the issue is that we limit Him. 
The greater series is about taking the limits off God and is based on the story of Gideon in Judges 6. We limit Him in many ways & today Andrew starts by looking at how the root of how we limit God is false identity - We do not really believe what God says about us. Start with this and you will see your life begin to turn


11.01.15  Part 2 - You don't get to tell me who I am

Who gets to call the shots in your life? Do you ever feel like circumstances & other people have more control than you do? We limit God when we allow ourselves to be defined by what goes on around us and also by the lies that we believe about ourselves. The starting point for taking the limits off God in our lives is not being defined by anyone or anything other than what Jesus says about us. How? In this talk Andrew looks at the difference between body, soul & Spirit and shows how every truth that God says about you is in your Spirit first - once we get that it starts to change our bodies and soul. Foundational truth for change!




In this series we are challenging ourselves to not limit God in our lives. We need more of God and His Kingdom in our lives - The main issue is we limit Him and not that He holds back from us. This week guest Pastor Shima talks about being raised from death to life. Pronounced dead by doctors after a horrific car crash, Shima explains how the power of God worked in that situation. This talk will challenge you & stretch you about what you believe God is able to do.



25.01.15 PART 4 - when people are big & god is small

This affects us all - in our lives people become big & God becomes small. The bible calls it the fear of man and describes it like a noose around our necks - trapping us and cornering us. We are often too afraid to speak or act because we fear what people may think. When the voices of others are louder and decide how we live our lives then we are limiting God. In this talk Andrew shows from the story of Gideon how we can overcome the fear of people and stop allowing their opinions, whether real or imagined, to stop us from entering into new levels of freedom & purpose.

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03.02.15 PART 5 - Don't be afraid to take a risk

When was the last time that you did something that really stretched you and pushed you beyond what you are able to do in your own strength? If your life looks like it was all done in your strength then you are limiting God. God continually gives us the opportunity take steps that, when we look at them in the natural, seem to be crazy. The truth is though that God is asking you to trust him & take a risk because it propels you to a new level & experience of life. This week Phil Glasgow looks at how God asked Gideon to take a step into a situation that to anyone seemed absolutely & totally crazy.

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09.02.15 part 6 - facing discouragement & disappointment 

Discouragement & disappointment are no respecter of people. They do not discriminate. Left unattended they limit what God can do in our lives. We all know what it is like to face tough times and many of us have had to face tough seasons that have lasted for years. How do we deal with that? Is it even possible to live in such a way that we use hard times as a platform for our future? Andrew looks at Gideon and how he overcame the very thing that tortured him and the nation of Israel for years. Despite his doubts & weakness we see clearly how we too can face down our discouragement & take the limits off God.

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15.02.15 part 7 - God can do it for you too - Time to dream bigger

You are not defined by your circumstances. You are not defined by your fears. You are not defined by the opinions of others and what they say about you. Every day God steps into your life and call you by your true identity - As a son & a daughter of the King of Kings. Adam Turnbull finishes our Greater series by showing how the story that we have just gone through is for you today. If God could do it through a nervous, doubting wreck like Gideon then you are ready for your miracle too. You are qualified and God is ready. This is a great encouragement!

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