In our summer 2013 series called Heroes, we hear about some of the incredible men of God throughout the bible. Men who had a true heart for God and seeing His kingdom of grace and love impact the world around them! 

See how normal people like us, used their faith and trust in God to create supernatural environments around them, and overcome impossible situations!

In this series you will hear from new teachers and preachers in the Exchange family. We are excited to see people being released into their gifting and calling. They have lots of incredible truths to share so enjoy this series and be encouraged!


Week 1 - 30.06.13 - Abraham

Abraham was a man who had an incredible promise from God. His covenant was one that promised that He and His children's children would be blessed and prospered throughout generations. What was they key? Right behaviour? Abraham, before the law was given, shows the heart of God in dealing with us. Right believing comes before right behaviour. Be encouraged and challenged!

Week 2 - 07.07.13 - Joseph

This week we hear about Joseph, a man who had huge dreams and ambitions for his future. We see the challenges he faces, the opponents against him, but ultimately how God uses every event in his life to bring about the dreams and plans He has for Joseph's life.

Quite often we too are in the same place as Joseph, feeling like our dreams have vanished and plans up the left. But in the life of Joseph we see the tools he used to stay strong in The Lord, and trust Him in every situation he encounters!


Week 3 - 14.07.13 - Moses

This week in our Heroes series we hear about one of the most important prophets in the Old Testament, Moses. Moses led an incredible life of intimacy with God and was used to reveal His plans to the Israelites about the liberation from Egypt and the plans for their future. During their liberation from Egypt God gave Moses plans for the Hebrews to be passed over by the tenth and final plague! See how Gods orders to the Hebrews for Passover are one of the greatest prophecies of all, prophecy of Jesus and what He has done for us, and what this means for us today!


Week 4 - 21.07.13 - Hope

 I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. What is Christian hope? When do we need it, how do we get it, and more importantly how do we walk in it every day? This week’s talk encourages you to truly understand the hope that God has given to each believer and outline practical steps you can take to ensure it’s not just an aspirational dream but a living reality.


Week 5 - 28.07.13 - Gideon

God wants to do more in your life than you could ever imagine. We limit God though by our small thinking and giving in to fear almost every day. However  despite our limitations, God works endlessly and patiently in our lives.  The story of Gideon is a fantastic example of Gods grace shown in a man who was wracked with fear. What does grace look like for you today in the middle of your life? Do you respond with fear and doubt to the call of God? Encounter grace and encouragement in the story of Gideon and be encouraged.


Week 6 - 04.08.13 - David

 David is a man who saw incredible victories and also saw incredible personal failure. Depending on what day you look at him he could either be a total failure or a Hero of the faith. Is your life like that? John and Wayne share this talk on the life of David and show that you too can learn from Davids life  - He was a man who learned to overcome fear and despite his failings He saw massive victory. You can be like David! Listen and be encouraged

Week 7 - 11.08.13 - Facing Fear

Steph Houston has spent two years at the School of Ministry at Bethel Church in Redding California. In this talk she encourages us about how to face our fears - drawing on her own walk with God and her experience in facing her own challenges, Steph encourages us to face down those things that try to hold us back from the life that God has for us. Refreshing & encouraging, you will be blessed by Steph's insighgt & honesty.

Week 8 - 18.08.13 - Paul

Paul is a giant of the bible. The majority of the New Testament was written by him and he is a massive hero of the bible. What can you learn from a man like Paul? Wayne today looks at the power of having a dream from God. Paul was motivated and driven by a desire to fulfil what his dream was. What dreams do you have that have maybe slipped from your heart or you feel may have passed you by? Dream again! God has put dreams in your heart and He will act to seem them come to life in you. A great encouraging talk.

Week 9 - 25.08.13 - Abraham continued...

Rev. Adrian McCartney is our guest speaker this week. A gifted speaker and minister for over 20 years, Adrian talks about the importance of not stopping on our journey with God. There is always much more to experience and to live. We are often tempted to camp out on a particular aspect of God that we like - but there is much more so we must learn each step of the way but keep moving forwards. Powerful stuff!