16.03.14 - Part 1 - Winter is Over

God is saying to you that this is a new season - There is a time to break down and there is a time to build. This is your time to build and sow and you will soon see a fantastic return as grace operates in your life. The word that God spoke to Andrew is "Winter is Over' - This is a new season for you. What areas of your life have felt barren and fruitless? God says that winter is over. Look forward to new growth, new life and new breakthrough in this new season.

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23.03.14 - Part 2 - Releasing Grace

How do you move on & break into new areas of favour & blessing? We can be in danger of making our relationship with God exclusive and insular. It does not work like that and often leaves us disappointed with God, church and others as we struggle to see change. Andrew looks at how we have faith no matter how we are feeling. We can choose to act on that faith given to us by God and if we do when we release grace to others we break through ourselves.

30.03.14 - Part 3 - Whats the Big Question?

What's the big question that plays in the back of our minds? How deep is your love? Can we trust 100 percent that God will come through for us in every situation. Penny looks at the story of Ruth and explores her journey of coming into an incredible destiny as she abandons herself to the mercy of God.

06.04.14 - Part 4 - Giving grace leads to breakthrough

Some of us need less sight and more vision. If we do not capture in our hearts first & foremost what our purpose from God is then we will live in a selfish world that, even with God as a part of that, will never satisfy us. Our purpose is to be a people who just as we are receiving and learning how much God loves us, to make a choice to let that flow from us. We choose life. God says this a season of favour in your life so choose it!

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