One of the most important areas that the devil has robbed christians through the years is in the area of Authority. It is a key to the Kingdom of God and a key to successful living. This series looks at the foundations of authority and the ways in which we exercise it. The war is over and the battle has been won by Christ. The bible is clear that Satan has been defeated so how do we apply that to our lives today so that we live as “more than conquerors”? Find out in this series.

Week 1 - Under your feet  9.01.11

Week 2 - The nature of the battle  16.01.11

Week 3 - What do you think?   23.01.11

Week 4 - Authority in prayer 30.01.11

Week 5 - Authority in real life  6.02.11

Week 6 - How do i believe?  13.02.11