The cross is the centre piece of history. Many people today have lost what it means to live in the power of the cross and it has been relegated to not much more than a symbol. However on that cross the most incredible world shaking event made the way possible for men and women discover a new existence and state that was previously impossible to attain.

Join with us at Exchange as we discover the incredible riches of what happened on the cross and how a new awareness of Christ’s work for you will radically transform your life.

Week 1 - The centrepiece  24.10.10

Week 2 - Exchange  31.10.10

Week 3 - Shame & curse  7.11.10

Week 4 - Guilt and healing 14.11.10

Week 5 - Torn curtain 21.11.10

Week 6 - Rejection  27.11.10

Week 7 - Living in the goodness of the cross  5.12.10