This is a tough area for many but in looking at the area of healing much more about the incredible heart of God for His people is revealed. Come and discover more about not just healing, but the Healer Jesus Christ.

Our Kingdom series continues in the area of Healing. This is going to be an challenging and encouraging series about the incredible Kingdom of God and how you can live in the goodness of the work of Jesus.
When Jesus announced the arrival of His Kingdom it illustrated something profound that has massive implications for us today

God in his very nature is Healer. He always has been. He always will be. He will never change.

Week 1 - God wants you well 27.02.11

Week 2 - God has always been a healer  6.03.11

Week 3 - Sickness is not from God  13.03.11

Week 4 - Jesus healed them all  20.03.11

Week 5 - How to receive, part 1  27.03.11

Week 6 - How to receive, part 2  03.04.11

Week 7 - Do you have enough faith?  10.04.11

Week 8 - Guard your heart  17.04.11

Week 9 - How to kill your giants  24.04.11