The message of Christianity is simple yet deeply profound. It is a message that has in fact been lost to the world and also to many churches. The message is the incredible love of God for his children. Why do so many of us struggle to accept the truth that God loves us first, without condition and seperate from the way that we behave? The word tells us that in order to see the fullness of God in our lives then we need to be established and grounded in God’s unmerited love and favour for us. Without that we will only live as superficial followers who have replaced relationship with religion. In this series discover the incredible love that God has for you, how He loves you and how that living experience will change you from the inside out.

Week 1 - Love wins  12.09.11

Week 2 - Unconditional love  19.09.11

Week 3 - Extravagantly committed  26.09.11

Week 4 - More than a feeling  02.10.11

Week 5 - Get over yourself  09.10.11

Week 6 - No offence ... but ...  16.10.11

Week 7 - Overcoming unforgiveness, part 1  23.10.11 

Week 8 - Overcoming unforgiveness, part 2 30.10.11

Week 9 - Overcoming unforgiveness, part 3 06.11.11

Week 10 - Getting your faith to work  13.11.11

Week 11 - More than words  20.11.11