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Do you know what the heart of God is for you and for the world in these days? He wants us to see Jesus in His fullness and His beautiful grace. That has never been any different. All the way through the bible there are rich pictures of Jesus and what He would do for us - The Old Testament is crammed full of amazing, clear pictures of the work of grace - though most people think that grace only is about the New Testament. In this series we reveal Jesus from aspects of the tabernacle. You will be so encouraged as you see Jesus in the details from the very beginning!


Part 1 - Jesus at the centre

Most Christians want to be "better" so whenever we hear about Jesus being the centre of our lives we almost all respond with a yes but the truth of living it is so much different! This series is all about what it means and why it matters. It has always been in the heart of God to have His Son Jesus and His finished work at the centre of all of the world and the bible shows us that from days of the Old Testament and in fact how the #gracerevolution that is happening around the world right now was prophesied for these times that we are living in!


Part 2 - Undeservedly Righteous

If you ever struggle to stay in faith that God has every detail of your life covered then this is a talk for you. Andrew looks at how God always wanted you to have the finished work of Jesus at the centre of your life - the picture of the mercy seat and how that was a foreshadow of where we are today - made undeservedly righteous. When you see the detail that God went to thousands of years ago you can be so assured that He has you covered today! You are righteous!


Partner in the mission of Grace

PArt 3 - The point of your life

What is the point of your life? Seems like a big question. Most people ask themselves or think about it often. Grace shows you your purpose and in fact God hid that truth way back in the Old Testament and it is really very simple. You can discover today how grace can bring you right into the centre of God's purpose when we see the typology of Jesus in the Menorah - The lamp in the tabernacle. This is a great truth that will free you from self and discover the wonderful freedom of discovering your purpose in grace.

Partner in the mission of grace!


The attention to detail in God's design of the Tabernacle is amazing. This week Phil considers how the boards,bars and sockets of the Tabernacle structure paint a fantastic picture of the church. As believers we are lifted up, covered in righteousness, held together by grace and ground in His atonement. Jesus is at the centre of all we do and the Church, as His body, gets to be part of God's plan for the world.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 5 - Grace changed you forever

Jesus and His work to rescue us has always been at the centre of God's plan - He wants you to live with Jesus at the centre of your life and when we do that there is a whole new level of life to be lived. In the tabernacle every single detail tells the story of Jesus who was to come & this week Andrew shows us how the colours used tell you an amazing truth that if you will allow to touch your heart, will bring such and peace & blessing - Grace changed you forever and you are never going back!

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 6 - No sweat - you are righteous

Sometimes we hear words so much and we do not really know the power they have for us - righteous is one of those. It means to be totally acceptable to God. In the tabernacle we see what it means for us today, hidden in the clothing that the Lord told the High Priest to wear. This has such power for you today as it shows you how God wants you to receive from Him! Be blessed!

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 7 - You are secure forever!

God wants you to know that you are secure forever. That means every day. When we are insecure about His love for us then fear rules us. But even back in the Old Testament He gave us visual reminders that the work of Jesus would make us secure - from today and for eternity! Do you have doubts that God's love for you changes with your performance? Listen & be encouraged!

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 8 - Look to jesus & be healed

What God wants for us is for every where you turn you see Jesus and what He has done for you. The more you focus on that you will see life flowing. All the way back in the tabernacle the Lord told The High Priests to wear blue tassels - Why? When Jesus came we saw it was all about healing - When anything that is unclean touches grace it becomes clean - including sickness! Also we see that it is enough for Jesus that we receive just a little - when he touches you with love it is always more!

Partner in the mission of grace!