Many Christians are not seeing fullness in their lives or are not that happy as they have managed to reduce their christian walk to nothing much more than what they see in the world. We are called to so much more. God’s intention for you is fullness and blessing in every area – And not just for you. But to flow from you to your friends, family, workplaces, homes, children and your whole world. You may well need to get a much bigger vision of what you are called to. In these talks we are looking at what we need to do to be people who live and walk in the actual inheritance that God has for us. If God is speaking into your life to today then it is for something that is much bigger and significant than just you. This series looks at the practical end of how you actually inherit the goodness that is promised to you by God. Enough of the same old, same old. It’s time to make your move.

Week 1 - Time to make your move   04.12.11

Week 2 - Time for hope  11.12.11

Week 3 - Time to trust  18.12.11

Week 4 - Walking into your inheritance  08.01.12

Week 5 - The power of thanks  15.01.12

Week 6 - The terms of your new covenant  22.01.12

Week 7 - Overcoming life's battles : Jericho, Part 1  29.01.12

Week 8 - Overcoming life's battles : Jericho, Part 2 05.02.12

Week 9 - The power of encouragement  12.02.12

Week 10 - The power of encounter  19.02.12

Week 11 - Encounter, awaken, increase  26.02.12

Week 12 - Meaningful connections  04.03.12

Week 13 - A heart to give it away  11.03.12