God has put inside each of us an intuitive knowledge that we were destined for more than what most of us have experienced. We all have the potential inside of us to see more of the Kingdom of God demonstrated in us and through us.

The question is, how do we do see this happen? A lot of Christians have probably tried to change many times but find themselves falling back into the same old patterns and experiencing the same old problems. That’s frustrating, and more importantly, it’s a breeding ground for many of Satan’s most devastating lies and traps.

Discover the keys to seeing change in you and around you. We will focus on the parable of the sower and look at the principles that Jesus taught on how we could see change happen God’s way.

Week 1 - A new normal  3.10.10

Week 2 - Seed (Good soil)  10.10.10

Week 3 - Seed, part 2