One of the biggest areas that we struggle in is the area of money and possessions. The message of Jesus is that peace is ours in every area but giving our lives in terms of times and money leaves most feeling guilty, afraid and locked into a law mentality that never releases life. We can long for more, but it can seem like a pipe dream. What is the message of Jesus regarding this? The message of Jesus was about freedom through generosity and in this series we will discover that being generous not only reflects and imitates the heart of God but also is the key to releasing life in all its fullness.

There is one who scatters, yet increases more;And there is one who withholds more than is right, But it leads to poverty. 25 The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.  Proverbs 11:24-25 


Part 1 - 06.10.13 - Why generosity works

In this new teaching Andrew looks at generosity and why it works. God is the most radical giver and He wants his family to be the same. However for most people giving money, time or possessions is one of the most difficult and stressful areas of life. Will God look after me? I do not have enough? These thoughts dominate most believers and in truth it leads to bondage and not seeing any kind of significant breakthrough. Many churches simply try to get money from people. But God's way is so much better than that. Generosity, according to the word, leads to a life of incredible richness in every area. Discover your freedom in this great new teaching


Part 2 - 13.10.13 - Multiplication starts with trust

Andrew Toogood speaking. God is delighted when you are prospered. He loves to see you enjoying the benefits and blessings that are part and parcel of His Kingdom. That is why Jesus came. He does not want you sick, defeated, poor or depressed. He does not give you any of those things or make you feel ashamed or guilty. That is not His Kingdom! He wants to multiply Kingdom riches in your life. It starts though with trust. Using a story of one mans encounter with Jesus we see how multiplication begins with trust..

Part 3 - 20.10.13 - Stewards not the source

Generous living is the best kind of living. Many times we struggle to give generously of our time & money because we feel that we do not have enough. There is a fundamental issue here at play that we need to address. We are not the source of the blessing in our lives. If we decide to carry the responsibility for our own provision then we also carry the pressure that comes with it. God is your source and he asks you to manage what he has given you. This is the a most basic revelation that will set you free from the burden of being your own provider. Don't live like that. Discover there is a much better way

Part 4 - 27.10.13 - Free to give

How easy do you find giving? Is it a struggle where you continually feel guilty? Does a Christian under grace have to tithe or is that no longer in play for us? Does God really care whether you give or not and does it make a difference to you? Andrew looks at giving from a grace perspective and shows us that giving is good for us. God does not need our money but huge advances and change happens in us when we give. There is no need to feel guilty or to struggle - if you need  help to understand the simple principles of giving and generosity then this talk will help you to gain new freedom.

Part 5 - 03.11.13 - You can only keep what you give away

Andrew looks at one of the most confusing stories of Jesus in the last of this series. Jesus commends people who use their money to change their future. Your life may simply be going round in circles as you have not yet grasped the fact that God has given you the ability to change your future by using what he has put in your hands. This is a fantastic talk that gives a whole new perspective your money and shows you just how different your life could be.