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Are you a Christian who has heard all about the goodness of God but you are not seeing it in fullness yet? Jesus does not make you promises in order to condemn you when you do not see them. It needs faith to inherit & possess. What does that mean for you and how does faith bring into your life what Jesus did in his love & grace? This series will encourage you that every promise in grace is yours - faith is not something to feel bad about. Learn how to possess what Jesus died to bring you!


Part 1 - Every promise of Jesus is yours

God does not make promises to you that He does not keep. Many people even when they hear about the gospel of grace feel inadequate or frustrated that they do not see more of the fullness in their experience. Andrew starts a new series looking at how we have faith for breakthrough because of grace. Faith is the result of grace and not because of you. Find freedom this summer!


Part 2 - Grace - If you see Jesus then follow him

Faith is about possessing what Jesus has provided by His Grace. It is not about us “doing” in order to see God move but rather believing that He has already provided by His work. How does that work out practically though? Andrew looks at the pattern that God have us back in the time of Joshua - rest to possess. He told the people then and it is the same for us today - when you see Jesus you have to follow Him - when you do you will enter blessing!


Partner in the mission of Grace

PArt 3 - Faith is not blind

For many Christians trying to battle our way to the truth of the Gospel has often been like playing Blind Man’s Buff. We end up confused and disoriented – wanting to do the right thing but ending up disillusioned, unhappy and thinking all the time that God is disappointed in us. We listen to others, we try and seek advice but too often it’s the blind leading the blind!Father God wants to direct our lives never leaving our side as He takes us along a path of faith. Let this message encourage you to understand and recognise that faith in the Creator is never blind but based on the truth of His word.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 4 - Faith is a response to Jesus

So often we think faith is something we need to try to work up or increase. In this week’s talk Phil reminds us that faith is the response to the discovery of who Jesus is. 
Encountering Jesus and His grace frees us to step into all for which we are called. Phil uses David’s response to Goliath as an example of how faith changes perspective and how others’ do not always share your view of circumstances. Be encouraged as we recentre on Jesus as the the source of all things.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 6 -Pictures of faith

JWhere do you start to possess the promises that God had made for your life? The word tells us that we should guard our heart because that is where life flows from. So what does that really mean? How do you do that and how do you know what is in there already? Andrew looks at where the word tells us how we can start to see the goodness of God flowing in our lives as we see how God has written the word to show us what faith looks like

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 7 - Does God count your doubt against you?

Jesus was the only one to use the expression "you of little faith" in the Bible and he used it 5 times. For years many of us have felt condemned by this as it seems like a telling off from Jesus. Is that though what He meant? And what does Jesus do with you when you feel like you don't have much faith. You will be blessed to know He is not against you!

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 8 - See Jesus & speak in faith!

There is a line of thinking in the church that says I just have to keep speaking and eventually I will see what I say. The problem is that many of us have tried that and still not seen things change. What then does it mean to speak in faith? The order in the word is we believe so we speak and Andrew looks at Peter on the water and how he responded in the middle of a storm that the disciples thought would drown them. You will be released, blessed and have faith grow in you as you listen!