You have to give to God. And when you do, He gives back to you. Ever been taught that? How does that kind of thinking fit in with grace? Does God withhold from me if I do not give? If God's favour is unearned then why do we have to give? Why is it important and how can I learn the principles of grace in giving? Jesus spoke more about money & possessions than any other subject. The reason is simple & yet profound. He wants more for your life than money, but money and how we handle it can either promote us or stop us. And all of that fits perfectly with grace. Learn some profound, liberating truths in this series and see new levels of breakthrough in your finances and more

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29.03.15  PART 1 - Palm Sunday - when god does not meet your expectations

We all expect things from God. We all know what it is like to deal with the feelings that God has let us down. Maybe it's a health issue, relationships, money, job - life has many ways of dealing ill with us. The crowd on Palm Sunday had a real expectation of what Jesus would do. Today like then, Jesus had a different view than what we have and He set his face towards Jerusalem & the cross because He was working to a bigger, more powerful agenda, Andrew looks today at what the crowd did not see - it will encourage you today - God will never punish you, leave you or be angry with you again.Powerful!

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05.04.15  PART 2 - Real Love - Easter 2015

Boring? Irrelevant? Untrue? What does Easter mean to you? The truth is not about an angry God who has no real meaning for your life but in fact a demonstration of the most supreme act of love in the whole of history. Because of today God has given you the chance to understand & live in the goodness of his love, care, protection & blessing. You will never earn it and you never deserved it. God loved you first. Andrew looks at what Real love looks like and how you can tell if you have ever known it in your life

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