Roll away the stone - We see this in the bible many times. It is not sin that stops God’s grace to us - when there is sin there is much more grace. So how do we stop grace from flowing? The law. That is the stone that must be rolled away from our hearts. In this series we look at the 5 offerings from Leviticus that were demanded by the law and show how Jesus fulfilled every demand made by them. In every bit of your life there is abundant supply because of Jesus. The more you see Him the more the stone will be rolled away.


Part 1 - Roll away the stone

Do you want to experience more grace in every area of your life? The heart of God is that we know Him more every day and live in the goodness of the work of Jesus. 
How to receive more? Roll away the stone! 
Today Andrew shows us from the word what that means and why it will lead to more grace in you every day.


Part 2 - Jesus made the way

To receive more grace, love & favour then you cannot be in the way! Our own self effort and performance mentality robs us of receiving all that Jesus has done for us. The bible tells us to roll away the stone - to get self out of the way so that life comes. Today Andrew shows us how Jesus' work rolls away the stones of the big areas in our lives - what He did was perfect - every time we see & understand more of His finished work for us then a bit of the stone is rolled away in our lives! Be encouraged!

Partner in the mission of Grace

PArt 3 - 3 Types of burnt offerings

Most believers live with the feeling that they should be doing better - struggling less, seeing more. Only a bigger, clearer revelation of Jesus can roll away the stone- the thought that we have to add to what Jesus has done for us. Andrew this week talks about how all of the sacrifices that people had to make were taken care of in the one perfect sacrifice of Jesus for you. So you could live in rest and live in more.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 4 - Grain Offering

In part 4 of our Refresh series Phil discusses how Jesus is revealed in the grain offering. As we consider each of the elements of the offering we see different aspects of Jesus’ sacrifice for us and how we can be brought into relationship with God through Him.
Be encouraged as you see God’s plan unveiled in Jesus’ life.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 5 -The Peace Offering

This week we continue the journey through the offerings in Leviticus and see how the sacrifices of the burnt offering and grain offering make it possible for God's people to celebrate the full, whole life of Shalom God has provided.
Phil discusses how the symbolism of this rather unusual offering reveals that peace comes from the seat of our being and is revealed from the inside out.

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PART 6 - Celebrate His Grace

The peace offering in Leviticus provided an opportunity for the Israelites to come together, give thanks to God and celebrate His goodness. This week Phil discusses the deeper meaning of the peace offering and how when we give God the best of ourselves we are freed to feast on His provision in every area of our life. This is an encouraging message that reminds us of God's daily provision.

Partner in the mission of grace!

PART 7 - The Sin Offering

There is a problem for you if you want to live in a way that is not fully set on the unmerited favour of Jesus in your life. Some Christians are still under the thought that they must do in order for God to do for them. Under that system you have a big problem - what happens when you intentionally sin? Sometimes we sin through ignorance but sometimes we choose it. What happens then? Under the law there is no sacrifice for that. That is why the blood of Jesus is so much more. So much greater than any of your effort or performance. Even at your worst He loves you, forgives you and blesses you still.

PART 8 - The tresspass Offering

Many of us live with guilt about what we did that had a negative effect on other people - our children, friends, family. We all know our own shortcomings and often we can find ourselves looking back, wishing that we could do things again differently. This offering is a picture of Jesus - Law demanded restitution to be made for our sin against others - Jesus became that offering so that our guilt was dealt with and He repays the debt that you owe. Amazing picture of Jesus and His grace.