Robin Mark is a Northern Irish Christian singer, songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mark has written several songs sung throughout the world. He is best known for his songs "Days of Elijah", "Revival", "All for Jesus", "The Wonder of The Cross", "Not by Might" and many more. He has released thirteen albums in total with sales of over two million world wide and has won the GMA's international award.

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10.11.13 - 14 Levites

Guest speaker Robin Mark looks at the life of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles and points us towards the picture that it paints of Jesus. Robin also looks at Hezekiahs priority to reestablish worship in the temple and the effect that has on the Jewish people. What impact does worship have on your life, when and where do you worship? Learn why a well established heart of worship will bless you and your family!