Exchange is proud to support & partner with The Smiles Foundation. 23 members of Exchange Church made their way to Romania in August 2014 to work in a number of projects. The Smiles Foundation seeks to relieve poverty, promote education and provide hope and opportunity for many of the most vulnerable in society through a variety of projects which include Evangelistic Outreach, Food Distribution, Medical and Social support, Education, Care for the young, elderly, families and disabled, as well as housing for the homeless. 

Today through the generosity of members & friends, Exchange supports a church and the Pastor & his family.

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Sacks of Smiles is a brilliant opportunity to help & bless the poorest & most needy families that the foundation works with. It is simple - each child and family are provided with a sack containing essential items & a small gift that simply demonstrates that they are loved & valuable. God has not forgotten these people and He has given us the opportunity to sow love in a very practical way into their lives.


How can you help?

Sow financially into the project and allow us to buy materials by clicking  HERE  

- Bring along to church any of the following items:

Small Toys for Children under 12

eg. small cars, tractors, small farm animals, bouncy balls, tennis balls, bubbles,     crayons, colouring books, notebooks, school sets.

(You will find all suitable items in Poundland )

Small Lego for Boys

Children’s Jewellery and Hair Accessories for Girls

Socks, Pants, Vests for Boys and Girls

Individually Bagged Sweets eg Haribo

Disposable Nappies & Baby Wipes

Toiletries eg. shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, soap bars.

Good quality second hand clothes & shoes for all ages


If you can help by providing any of these please bring them to us at Church or call 02890 466362 and we will arrange collection.

The Exchange team in action!

The work of the Smiles Foundation

Exchange Church & Partners Support the Smiles Church in Tileagd. 

Introductory report from Pastor Vasile  (October 31st 2014) 


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!    

Pastor Vasile Sana & family - supported by the generous financial support of Exchange & our partners

Pastor Vasile Sana & family - supported by the generous financial support of Exchange & our partners

My name is Vasile Sana. I was born on May 10TH, 1964. I was the 3rd boy in the family. My home village is Livada, near Oradea. My family were Christian and I remember that the first bible that my dad bought cost him the entire salary for one month!

As a child I had a lot to go through. While my mum was pregnant with me she had an accident, and that affected the baby. I was not able to talk until I was 8 years old. Once I went to school I had another accident, I burned my hands due to the negligence of my teacher. Even so that did not stop my education. I went further to high school and during that time I also meet God as my personal Saviour. 

In July 1988 I meet Marcela Sferle, who was to be my future wife and in September we got married. God blessed us with 3 beautiful girls. Sefora, Ligia and Flavia. 

In 1999 while I was recovering from an accident that I had (but due to the stress I also suffered a semi paralysis, but with God s grace I got over it and now I am fully ok). My wife started to work as a foster care assistant. Since then, a lot of children came into our life and we loved them as our own. So much that we’ve adopted 3 of them: Tania, Abel and Marcus.

My academic life as I’ve mention started in my home village in Livada. After the primary school I’ve moved in Nojorid to do my high school.  I was invited to participate at the exam that the Baptist Bible Collage has in Oradea. I had the privilege to meet brother Iosif Ton face to face, not only to hear him over the radio, as I was used to doing during the communist years. In my second year of university, I’ve heard that there is a need of teachers in schools to teach religion. Even if in the first two years I was not paid at all, God blessed me after that. I’ve also managed to do my master degree in Theology in Vienna (Austria) for 2 years and at the end of this study I was named to be the supervisor teacher for all the religious books in the state school system.

Today, together with my entire family, we work for the “Adopted Children Association”. I’m the president of it. (A voluntary role) My wife and my 3 biological girls are the ones that are doing most of the work. I’m thankfull to God for each of them. The love and support that we all show to the children is the love and support that God show us all daily. Over the years we have managed to help hundreds of children and that is what our goal is.

Since March 2014, I meet the Smiles Foundation team and I’m now serving as pastor in Tileagd for the Project with the Gypsy Community. My wish is to serve God not only with my knowledge and my time but also with my personal example of living. 

I have also now got involved with the Homeless Project and two days every week, I visit them and share God’s Love and God’s Word with the residents of the Homeless Container Village.

From October, two new projects will be on my list, The ECO facility (Elderly Care Oradea) and the Rapa Community. Again in each of these places I will share God’s Word with the residents, as well as offer time for Prayer and Counselling to each of them. Please pray for me and for the power I need from God to do all of this work.

I leave you with this bible verse that is one of my favourite. 1 Timothy 4:16

Focus on working on your own development and on what you teach. If you do this, you will save yourself and those who hear you.

In Christ’s work,   

Vasile Sana