Our new series Spirit break out is all about the person of the Holy Spirit and his involvement and purpose in your life. Be blessed by this series as you discover why the Holy Spirits involvement in your Christian walk is more than necessary to give us the fruit and connection to God that Jesus came to give us. Start to see Gods purpose and breakthrough in your life as you make you life a Spirit led life.

24.11.13 - Part 1 - The Spirit of Grace

A new series starting today. Do you need a breakthrough in your life? How is that going to happen for you? Christianity can be incredible frustrating and demoralising if the promises of God over our lives are only something we hear about and never live out ourselves. The access to seeing breakthrough is a life led by the Holy Spirit. In this talk Andrew shows how the Holy Spirit applies the work of Jesus on the cross to make it alive to us - He ministers the grace & love of God in your life. Be encouraged and know that there is so much more for you!

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01.12.13 - Part 2 - The Power of Encounter

Relationship is priority to God. When Jesus encountered people in their sin, mess and mistakes, He never turned His back and walked away disappointed. Jesus never shied away from a sinner or a down and out, He embraced them and loved them in the midst of all their challenges. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you feel condemned or that God is disappointed in you, rest assured that you can still encounter God no matter what you are going through. Evan Brown talks on encountering God, and experiencing His goodness in our lives today. It is in these moments of encounter that we understand Gods heart for us and the world we live in. Start believing today that Jesus finished work on the cross has freed you to encounter and experience the presence of God at any time in any situation.

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08.12.13 - Part 3 - The Spirit of Comfort

What happens when you have to face situations, people and challenges that seem like they are just too big? Jesus described the Holy Spirit as your comforter. You may think you know what to comfort means but God has a different view - one that will lead you to freedom and out of cycles of repeating the same old behaviours. This is the power of God to transform you from the inside out. The power of the comforter

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15.12.13 - Part 4 - The Spirit of Hope

God knows that most of need Hope. When we face life with no hope then we find our passion, energy and enjoyment of life quickly evaporates. Andrew looks at the situation that Jesus was born into and shows us that the Christmas story is not about Hope coming but now Hope is here. When we allow the Spirit of God to bring that Hope out of us then we are transformed and so is our world.

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 22.12.13 - Part 5 - The Spirit of Peace

In Luke 2 God lets us in on what His Plan was in sending Jesus - The war is over between God and men. The angels declared a prophetic statement over your life that if you will receive today will release the goodness and fullness of God int your life. God steps into your broken ness, hopelessness and fear and says that He HAS restored you. This is a message of Hope, Love and encouragement that God has done an incredible work in you, LWatch and see what God says over your life today.

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29.12.13 - Part 6 - The Hard Work of the Kingdom

Evan Brown talks on the last Sunday of 2013 and reflects on how finding a place of Rest in life is not sitting around and waiting on God to move for you, but is a place a co-labouring with Christ from the finished work of the Cross. Be blessed an start finding your rest in the finished work of Christ and the knowledge that God is with us and we can rest in the knowledge the we a working from a place of victory.