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This is Love. Have you heard that God loves you? Would you like to see that as a reality every day in your life? The message of how God loves us has become messy today. Many Christians have heard that God loves them but remain in (secret) doubt that He acts lovingly, all the time, despite how we perform. Everything from God is birthed in, initiated by & motivated by His love. This series is about transforming our minds & hearts to hold a bigger revelation of God's love towards us

05.10.14 - Part 1 - The greatest is Love

Love is the greatest. Without being absolutely grounded in God's love we will never live in fullness. Our relationship with God and our relationship with others is based on love. Faith, obedience and every bit of our lives with God is designed to flow from a revelation of the Fathers heart for us. As he reveals His love, we respond. Your life today is a reflection of how you see the love of God. Be transformed, encouraged & challenged by the amazing love that He has for you today

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12.10.14 - Part 2 - One way love

God's love is like nothing we have known in our human experience. We all know the pain of being rejected or mistreated by people. We also know that in ourselves we act selfishly towards people that we love. We find ourselves undermined and insecure with God whenever we project our experience of giving & receiving love onto God & think that is the way that He loves us. God's love has always been One way Love. Beofre you were born God decided that He would always act perfectly consistently with His nature - That is pure love. This truth will encourage, heal and change you - God's perfect, one way love towards you

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19.10.14 - Part 3 - What does God's love actually look like?

If you had to describe God's love for you what would you say? The true test of someone is how much love they show. Not how much they talk about it, not how many spiritual gifts they operate in - but how much they love. Not with human love either - with God's love. In this inspiring talk Andrew breaks down and illustrates the love of God that He has for you each day as seen in the famous Chapter in 1st Cor 13. This is first & foremost a picture of the amazing love that surrounds you today. Be challenged, encouraged and grow spiritually as you understand the amazing love of God.

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26.10.14 - PART 4 - let go and let god's love flow

Let go, and let God's Love flow. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we tend to lose sight of the revelation that, at that point, we receive the fullness of Heaven and all of the amazing benefits.
Life gets in the way, and we get caught up in offence, anxiety, worry, fear and much more. It's important therefore to let go of this "stuff" to allow the fullness of God's Love to flow so that we can truly impact our community and beyond.
By letting go of earthly issues, the Shalom Peace will have it's full impact in our daily live. Be encouraged and let go, and let God's amazing Love flow.

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What does God's love for you look like? Is it just something vague that you struggle to describe? His love is beautifully described in detail for us so that we can know what we can expect from God. When we have a clear picture of the what this love is like it build faith, hope & expectation in us. Andrew continues this week in 1 Cor 13 looking at 5 fantastic positive truths about the way that God loves you.

02.11.14 - PART 6 - no love = no faith

Every now & again there comes along a really important talk. This is one. We talk a lot about grace. The finished work of Jesus. What do you do when it feels like it's not working in your life? Is there anything that you need to do or is that just going back under law? Andrew looks at faith and talks de-bunks some of the myths around it how we access grace. Is it All Jesus and none of me? All Jesus and some of me? What do I do? What is my part? This truth will help you in every area of your life.

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