This summer we have had new faces speaking at Exchange in our series "Heroes" and it has been a joy to listen and be encouraged by what they have had to say. Last weeks talk was about the life of David and how he, even when surrounded by fear, was able to still do what God asked of him. It was fantastic.

One verse that came up really struck me - Psalm 97 vs 4 "the mountains melted like wax at the presence of the Lord"

Wow. What an image. I was personally struck. I've been letting too many situations and circumstances become way bigger than what they should be. Mountains are big. They tower over us. They dominate the landscape of our thoughts and feelings. When confronted with a mountain it can be hard to see anything else. In fact sometimes they are all that we can see.

In the presence of God though, mountains melt away like wax. I love that image. When we are in the presence of God, on whatever day of the week, mindful of HIs goodness, HIs love , HIs grace and promises over us then our mountains melt like wax. It does not say we need a 10 point strategy, to be more clever or get lucky. Simply we position our hearts and minds to be focused first on Jesus.

So flipping simple. 

What are your mountains right now? Internal? External? Practise the presence of God,  heart and mind set on Him and His opinion, view, belief about you before anything else. I'm going to do that before I let another day go past worrying or replaying the same old scenes in my head and heart. I'll do that before I speak to my  circle about the issues. In Gods presence I am changed. Seems also that the mountains will melt like wax.....