And he said, Please show me your glory” Ex. 33:19 (NKJV)

This is an amazing event. Moses had encountered God in the most remarkable way; we are told that He spoke with God as we speak with a friend face to face (Ex. 33:11). But Moses wanted more…He wanted to see God’s glory. In this exchange God tells Moses that no one can see the full glory of God and survive. 

The Hebrew word for glory here is ‘kabod’ which comes from the root word for weight or heaviness. God is weightier than anything else – once we recognise the great weight and magnitude of His glory, all other things are revealed in their lightness, their levity…including ourselves.

Once we place the kabod glory of God beside the things we put so much stock by – it all appears so small and ‘light’. The weight of God’s nature reminds me to treat all other things lightly – they are like vapour, a breath without true weight or substance. 

God protected Moses as He passed by and held him in His hand to allow him to see as much of God’s glory as possible. God wants to reveal as much of His nature to us as possible. John reminds us that in Jesus we see the true glory of God (Jhn 1:14). 

Today, don’t be satisfied with what has gone before - look at Jesus, place the weight of His glory beside your life. May the awesome presence of God lay heavy on you and all you do today. It will enable you to walk lightly in the presence of true weight.