"Let your love, God, shape my life with salvation, exactly as you promised…Psalm 119:41

I love making bread.  I enjoy the whole process of mixing the dough, kneading it, watching it prove and rise up, then shaping it into rolls, loaves, or pizzas.  Ultimately I love to eat it too! It’s really satisfying to see the finished product being enjoyed by others and knowing that I made it from scratch.

Father God feels like that about you.  He doesn’t want the world to shape you, neither does He send difficult circumstances to break you down so He can build you up. In every circumstance His desire is that His love will soften and shape you. With that perspective, our outlook on our lives, our futures and our destinies is altered. By letting God’s love for us mould our attitudes, decisions and approach to life we are liberated to take risks, to step out and try new things, and to know real freedom to be who He has called us to be – children of the King of Kings.

Live today in the certainty that God loves you