"...I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10,

Are you living the abundant life Jesus came to give you? You may not have the biggest house or newest car, but God promises abundant life for you. His abundance goes way beyond the things we can see in the natural. It means that you can have peace in the midst of a storm.

You can have joy when things are uncertain. You can have hope when circumstances seem hopeless. You can live and enjoy life to the fullest every single day because you have the Creator of life on the inside of you.

Sometimes it is easy to look at this verse and think, “God is going to give me abundant life some day.” But the truth is, God wants you to have abundant life TODAY. Ask Him to show you His abundant favour, blessing and peace. Focus on Him and let Him show you His abundant life — today!

Father, I know that You want the best for me. Thank You for Your promise of abundant life on this earth. Show me your ways so that I can be a blessing every where I go.