"Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them. God’s kingdom belongs to such as these." Mark 10: 14

How many of you like to share? If you grew up with brothers and sisters you will understand that the ability to share is not something you are born with, it’s something you grow into.

Sharing our resources, our time even our dreams is not easy. This verse today shows us that everyone matters to God, and it is often the people we might overlook that get the greatest attention in God’s economy. God’s love is for everyone. The disciples didn’t want to share Jesus with the children. They thought he had better things to do and more important people to be with. But that’s not the way God’s kingdom works. Being part of God’s kingdom and knowing Jesus is for everyone. There is no one on the outside. Nobody is excluded.

What do your priorities look like this week? Who do you give your time and attention to? Do you consider serving the children in church beyond your stage of life or just not convenient at the minute? Do you make excuses about why it’s not possible to visit your elderly aunt. Often the places we least expect it are where we find the greatest blessing and fulfilment in life. Listen to the leading on the Holy Spirit. We can’t do everything but if we are prepared to allow our schedules to be interrupted by his nudging we might find ourselves spending our time and attention in areas we never expected and meeting Jesus in a fresh and exciting way