In Him was life and that life was the light of all mankind” John 1:4

It’s hard to see in the dark; it’s hard to see a way forward or a future. In this world, the way is obscured by so much noise, so many things jostle for our attention and energy – especially at this time of year. Presents, food, functions, all good enough in their own right, can add to the darkness.

Jesus brings light to impenetrable darkness.

Today, in the busyness of whatever is ahead remember that light, clarity and life is found in the person of Jesus. He is the source of life itself and it is only when we experience His life and live in Him that His light illuminates the world and enables us to see it as it really is.

As you look at the Christmas lights – wherever they may hang…think of the light of all mankind. Seeing Jesus helps us to see everything else clearly. In fact, without the life of Jesus within us we cannot see the light and nothing will ever make sense.

Make this your goal today, to know the life of Jesus within you and to allow His light to shine into every aspect of your life.