But to those who embraced Him and took hold of His name were given the authority to become who they really are – the sons of God!” John 1:12 (Passion Translation)

We were made to be part of God’s family, created by God to have relationship with Him. This verse reminds us that when we embrace the person of Jesus and take hold of His name then we have authority to be who we really are.

Many people may try to tell you who you are. They like to define what you can and cannot do and expect you to meet some definition of what they think you should be. As a result some people carry a picture of themselves that others have spoken into their lives.

Perhaps you have been told that you will never amount to anything or that your life is characterised by one failure after another. These people do not have the authority to define your identity or tell you who you are.

In Jesus you have the authority to break free from these labels and be who you really are.

We can try to be all sorts of things but we can only truly be who we were made to be when we receive Jesus and take hold of His name. This is not simply an abstract assertion of who Jesus is but a wholehearted embrace of Him and an entering into a relationship with Him.

Embrace Jesus today, take hold of His name – here you have the authority to truly be whom God has made you to be – a child of God!