“…One’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses” Luke 12:15 (NJKV)

Isn’t it amazing how much ‘stuff’ we can accumulate? It is also amazing how much stuff we tell ourselves is essential to our daily life. Marketing is based upon convincing us that we need to buy certain products and that by owning them our lives will be enriched. In one simple statement Jesus clearly states that we are more than what we have. You are more than what you own! You are way more valuable than a heap of ‘stuff’. 

The bible tells us that that you are the most valuable thing in the world. You - created in the image of God, the apple of His eye - are so precious that He died just to make you His. The most perfect Supreme God of the universe humbled Himself, humiliated Himself. Why? So He could have the joy of presenting you to the Father. 

It is baffling, the angels don’t understand it, religion can’t achieve it and lots of possessions don’t even come close to articulating how valuable you are to God. Take time now to stop and recognise your value in God and invest in things that will last forever.