Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf

2nd Chronicles 20:17

Life is full of challenges. Relationships, work, money, children - at every turn we will have to face situations that give us a choice - Do we handle all that is in front of us on our own or do we turn to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to move on our behalf? Will you trust God that He will work things out better than you can in your own strength?

Grace reminds us that God does not expect us to fight our way through each day trying to make the best of what we have to do. He asks us instead to stand firm & hold our position. That means today that you stand in the truth that you are loved, highly favoured, free from judgement & condemnation and totally, completely & absolutely acceptable to God. Standing on that releases faith & grace (unmerited favour) into each & every situation which will accomplish more than you ever will in your own strength.

You do not need to fight, struggle or strive today. Thank God for what He has done for you in Jesus and watch God work on your behalf