‘The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the whole person…’

Psalm 19:7a (AMP)


One of the key phrases we hear a lot today is ‘joined up thinking’ – we want the Health Service, Social Services, schools and the police to work together to ensure vulnerable members of society are properly cared for. People can fall through the net because the system is flawed. 

Our heavenly Father has it covered – He has always taken a holistic approach. No one ever falls from His gaze, gets missed out or forgotten. He’s only ever been interested in total restoration; body, soul and spirit. When we stand in the goodness of God - we are complete.  

When He heals our bodies it’s never just physical – He restores our confidence in His goodness, our understanding if our worth in Him and equips us for our futures.

Know today that He’s interested in every single part of you and He will restore you to be all you are meant to be!