A glad heart makes a happy face...Proverbs 15:13a

Spend any time walking through a large town or busy city or working in a busy factory, school or office and you will notice one thing about people. The stresses and strains that they are carrying around with them have a common physical characteristic. An unhappy face.

All of the negative thoughts that people carry around show through in what you can see in front of you.

But as believers, we have many reasons to be cheerful. We are ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, released and righteous in God’s eyes. We have no need to fear or worry as God will meet all our needs and take care of us as His children. He’s even given us His Spirit which lives in each one of us.

Today, let’s focus on this amazing truth!

So, be of good cheer, learn to smile more, and let it be a witness to all around of the goodness of God to you in your own life!