So they departed and went through the towns, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere

Luke 9:6

There is something about the order here that strikes me. Whenever the 12 went out from Jesus they brought a demonstration of the Kingdom with them. They preached the gospel first. They brought good news to the people. They brought a new message that God loved them. They brought a message of hope, a message of life, a message that was so much different than anything that they had heard before. 

That sets the scene. As the good news is declared then God "backs up" the message with a demonstration of His power and healing breaks out. You may have lost sight of it but the message of Jesus IS GOOD NEWS - or at least it should be. That is why I love grace. I love to see people receiving the truth that because of Jesus there is no no longer any condemnation, shame or guilt that we deserve. We are free people. We are equipped & empowered with purpose & calling. We are no longer at the mercy of life but we are more than conquerors.

Tell someone that good news today. The world has quick fixes and no fixes but nothing heals & restores like Jesus and His work. Don't be afraid to say that today to someone who needs to hear it. You will make it much easier for them to receive a miracle! Don;t keep this good news to yourself. Let's show the world the amazing love of God!