Sin shall not have dominion over you because you are not under law but under grace

Romans 6:14

This is a great truth to go into the weekend with.  How do you break the things in your life that are a struggle? Sin? Secret habits? Attitudes? We all know what it is like to struggle and to feel like no matter how hard we try there is no lasting change.

This verse tells us 2 things - Firstly that the more you try in your own efforts the more that issue deepens in your life. Self effort (being right with God through keeping his laws) makes sin have dominion, or influence, over you.

Grace however, the unmerited, undeserved & unearned favour of God breaks the power of sin. How? It changes us from the inside out. No longer are we sin conscious but grace makes us Jesus conscious. The more that we are Jesus conscious and living in the truth of what He has done for us then the result is that Godliness flows from the inside of us.

That is why we preach grace. It is the power of God to transform you radically. Thank Jesus today for His forgiveness & His love and make that your daily confession. As you do the life of God will begin to flow in fresh ways and the desire, attraction & power of sin will go from your heart & life.