“People look at you and think you’re saints but beneath the skin you’re total frauds” Matt 23:28 (MSG)

A few years ago a friend of mine bought an imitation Rolex watch. He was very pleased with it and tried to convince me that it was a perfect replica…that was until he decided to wash the dishes with it on. Believe it or not, this ‘diving’ watch couldn’t cope with a basin of hot water and never worked again!

Authentic relationship with God is something that works in every situation - even when we are placed in hot water. Jesus’ didn’t pull any in telling the religious leaders of the day what He thought about their attempts to get to God by observing all sorts of laws. He exposed their religion as a fraud, something that looks good on the surface but in reality it was all about them and their performance. 

Jesus has taken away the burden of trying to fulfil rules and regulations to make ourselves right before God and has replaced it with an intimate relationship that is based on what He has done for us. The message of grace exposes all our attempts to be something we are not as dirty rags. We don’t need to try to look good but rather we are free to be ourselves – authentic people who are what we are by the grace of God.